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    The plants we tend as luscious food are by and large not as nature intended them.
   There is no need in nature for the large fruited domestic apple, as the species propagates itself quite well by tiny crab apples.   It is man who has selected out the unusually large, juicy and tasty modern apple and other crops.

   These pampered plants we select always take more from the soil than their wild cousins and must be fed with some sort of fertiliser, and more importantly they are all more susceptible to pests and disease than wild plants.     The huge increases in crop yields in the past 50 years have been due in large part to chemicals; but now that the dangers of some of these have been demonstrated, more research effort may be directed towards safer biological controls, such as the introduction of predator insects, specific insect diseases, breeding resistant plants and so on.
   The organic movement has performed and is performing a service through its opposition to chemicals.   This has caused a switch to a more conservation-oriented approach by all involved in agriculture, so although some methods in the past were ineffective many achieved great results and so the future belongs to safer, more organic farming.

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