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[adj. ahy-ern-klad; n. ahy-ern-klad]

so firm or secure as to be unbreakable: as …

a :  binding
b :  having no obvious weakness



noun: goodness

 the quality of being good.

"a belief in the basic goodness of mankind"

a :  the beneficial or nourishing element of food.
      nutritional value, nutrition, nutrients, wholesomeness, nourishment; nutriment



Ironclad Goodness is committed to improving food production for everyone. In this part of the world where most people buy their produce at the supermarket believing it is fresh and nutrient dense, Ironclad Goodness believes home grown food is the most important of all and must be nurtured, protected and supported in every way. Home growing needs to be more sustainable and more fun and we are passionately producing education, strategies and inputs to help achieve these goals. Our secondary goal is to improve soil health, plant health, animal and human health. The thin veil of topsoil that grows our food is fast diminishing. At our current rate of loss, there is just 60 years worth of topsoil remaining. There is an urgent need for soil restoration.

Game Plan

Ironclad Goodness maintains an emphasis on achieving maximum health and resilience for soil, plants, livestock and people. It is a truly holistic strategy with a science-based pragmatic focus. With a background in Permaculture and organic growing we feel we can help others with a similar passion. Often it is difficult, if not impossible, to source good quality components for fertilizer and stock feed so we aim to buy quality produce in bulk and sell smaller quantities at bargain prices. Kelp, from the pristine waters of Tasmania, is just such an item that is full of nutrients and is so beneficial for soil, animal and human health alike. Ironclad Goodness is all about supporting what you can do to produce highly nutritious food for your family. We desperately believe this is an important game plan for the improvement of our health and wellbeing in the 21st Century – it is the sustainable production of nutrient-dense food for the protection and sustenance of all who consume it.

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